janineAs an adolescent Janine was plagued with acne prone skin. During her journey to find a "miracle cure" she realized how having healthy skin had so much more to do with self-esteem rather than simply appearance. Having found, being under the care of an esthetician taught her good habits for home care and gave hope to one day be able to look people in the face with confidence. When her skin was on the road to recovery she found a desire to  help others the way she had been helped.

After much research Janine enrolled in one of the top schools in the nation and In 2004 she graduated from The San Francisco Institute of Esthetics. She has been a practicing State Board Certified Esthetician ever since and truly love every minute. It is always surprising at how happy it makes her when she sees her clients touching their skin and remarking on the improvements. It is amazing see their spirits lift whle she is reminded of how grateful she was to finally have cleared up her own skin.

Since graduating Janine has had the opportunity of attending many post-graduate training classes and have grown to love the science of skincare as well as the art of touch. She is excited to see what the future holds for this industry!

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