Artist in Residence

Logan Payne

August 15 - November 5, 2017

Artist's statement:

I am drawn to surfaces worried by time and the elements – distressed adobes, fading frescos, pottery shards.

This series is inspired by boro, Japanese patchwork, made from hand woven, indigo-dyed textiles. The careworn fabrics and artless sewing speak to the beauty of age and the preciousness of the torn and tattered fragments of our lives.

These collages are patched together from scraps made from found paper, plaster and pigment. The simple elements allow me to create textures emulating the softness of age and layers of personal history.

I grew up traveling overseas, coming into contact with the culture, art, and religions of the Near East, Middle East and Asia. I studied painting in Greece and printmaking in Italy and lived in Manhattan for ten years, working in a gallery for emerging artists. I live on a coastal farm and my studio is a converted bunkhouse.

logan payne art

More information:

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650) 879-0362